Travel Tips – Travel local

A lot of people think they can’t travel, or there is nothing nearby or they live near nothing interesting. Just because you don’t live in a beachfront house (maybe you do, I don’t know…) it doesn’t mean there is nothing interesting around you. If you think you know better please hear me out, you may be surprised.


Travelling local can not only be cheap, or even free but sometimes more interesting that places you can travel abroad. When I say local I mean less than 100 miles, most of the photos contained within this article are within 50 miles of my house. This is not just luck, without giving away exactly where I live, if you google the town and click news, you will see it wouldn’t be most peoples first choice, that doesn’t mean it is all bad, the small part of the town I live in is lovely, the next town along, not so much. My point being, I am not in an advantageous location, its just knowing where to look.

I would implore you to look past your immediate surrounds and look what is around you. You can easily travel 50-100 miles for a low price on public transport if you don’t have your own car.


How do I find where to go?

This is answered easily, there are two really simple methods, the first one, go to your home on google maps, put your location center to the screen and zoom out until the scale hits 5 to 10kms, then take a look at the map.


The below map was taken from google maps. I have intentionally chosen somewhere I know nothing about, as always I am using England as an example but the location is irrelevant. For the map I chose Leicester, I have never been there and my local knowledge of that location is absolute zero. I have highlighted some areas of the map depending on interest.

Red represents what appears to be more built up areas such as towns and cities, blue are what appear on the map to be smaller towns and yellow highlights what looks like countryside, woodlands, lake or the coast to the top right. Once you understand what the local area looks like you can start doing research, zoom into something that interests you and look it up. You are closer than you think to a lot of things.


Another way to do this, but tends to highlight tourist spots rather than lesser known places to explore is to simply google “things to do around X town/city”, generally sites like trip advisor will have top 10 locations featured so you can get some inspiration on where to travel this year! Hopefully you found some of these tips useful and will visit something local to you soon.

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