Film Locations – Hatley Castle, Xmen

If you have ever watched an X-men film, chances are you will be familiar with this grand building, however, it has been used in dozens of films over the past 80 years and has played home to scenes from Smallville, Arrow, The Boy, Deadpool and Disney’s Decendants.
Hatley Castle BC

Best known to me as Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Hatley Park National Historic Site is located in Colwood, British Columbia in Greater Victoria.

The castle was built in 1908, designed by architect Samuel Maclure for industrialist and politician James Dunsmuir and his wife Laura to become their family retirement home.

In the 1940’s it served as a training site for a range of Canadian Service people, in particular, the Royal Canadian Navy up until 1995 at which point it was opened to the public as the Royal Roads University.

Hatley Castle, Main Hall

If you are interesting in reading the extensive history of the site it is available here:

In X-Men, the first movie of the franchise, the exterior of the X-Mansion was filmed at the Casa Loma, Toronto, and the Parkwood Estate at Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

In X-Men: First Class, the location was again different, this time taking place in Endglefield House in Berkshire, England.

Englefield House - - 1824880

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