Can I travel for free pt.2 – deciding a location

Deciding a location


So, how far can no money take you? That depends entirely on how resourceful you are and how much people are willing to help you. As I mentioned in part 1 we are going to focus on travelling within your own country in this part, not internationally, this will come later. Here are some ways to travel based on your amount of money available.

No money at all to spend on travel

Friends or family – Often, a simple ask to a friend or family member will yield good results, as long as it isn’t going to be a major commitment in time or fuel expense, there is a good chance they would be willing to drop you off, you could always ask someone else to pick you back up once you were done if you didn’t want to inconvenience them a second time.

Walk – At a decent walking pace with a good pair of shoes, a few hours could get you miles away from home discovering something completely new, its free, and its great exercise.

Bike – This one would likely be the cheapest and fastest cost free method of transport, its human powered so no fuel, its good exercise and you can travel far at a decent pace.

Using work/college/school to your advantage – If you already have to travel to work or school, why not stay out rather than going home and setting off again, your expense of travel is already covered as you were making the journey anyway, if you have to travel, lets say 15 miles to work, you are already 15 miles away from home, you can walk 5-10 miles are you are now relatively far from home without a penny spent. You can apply this to business trips, training events or activities where you have already accounted for the expense, just stay out and explore.

Hitch-hike – Tread very lightly with this one, if you are a lone traveler this one may leave you vulnerable or it may even be illegal wherever you are in the world but it is a legitimate way of free travel assuming you comfortable with it, that it is legal in your area and you know how to keep yourself safe from potentially unwanted situations.

Small amount of money

Buy a discounted rail/bus ticket – these deals are on all of the time, websites offer late deals on rail tickets, busses often do discounted promotions to certain cities. If you are willing to travel away from peak times, you can get a good deal online or by visiting the train/bus station itself.

Fly – It is seriously sometimes cheaper to fly than drive or get a train, a short journey on a plane can cost as little as £20 inside the UK so if you are considering traveling a longer distance, check if a flight would be cheaper, you may be surprised.

Ferry or taxi boat – A trip across the water may be cheap depending on where you live, in the UK ferry trip to Ireland starts at around £5, Isle of Wight £10 and France starting at around £30, if you don’t know the UK very well, Ireland and the Isle of Wight are small neighbouring islands but if you are situated close to a port, cheap travel by ferry is an option.

Part 3 will cover budget international travel for a short trip and will be coming next week.

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  1. I try to use work my advantage all the time, it’s a great tip. If your work are flying you somewhere, ask for a few days holiday at the end of the trip. That way you don’t have to pay for your flights and get to see a new place!


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