Can I travel for free pt.1 – Making a plan

So, you want to travel but don’t have the money, so lets discuss methods of obtaining the things you want with minimal funds.

Part one of this article is about a single day trip, no overnight stay, this will come in a later part, I am also going to make a few assumptions in part 1 of this article; you are old enough to travel, you have access to at least a small amount of money, you have the time available to travel i.e can get the time away from work or other commitments.

As this will be a multiple part post exploring your options on travelling on the cheap or for no money at all, in this part I am only going to be covering travel within your own country, as I am from the UK my advice will be based around examples in the United Kingdom but they should all be transferable.

Making a plan


Before you go anywhere, without the luxury of unlimited funds you should plan. Let’s start with making sure we have a few necessities.
Primary things to take if you’re travelling on a budget:

Quality Rucksack/bag – you will need to rely on this to carry everything you’re taking so make sure it is of a decent quality.

Clothing for the relevant environment – If you are planning on traveling to a city, walking boots and a windproof jacket might not be the best choice so dress according to your destination.

Phone – Not absolutely essential but useful for emergencies and maps. Download your maps ahead of time if you are not familiar with the area so you don’t get caught out without directions if your signal strength is low when you get there.
A map can be used as an alternative to GPS.

Water bottle – because why pay for water when you can get for free.

So, you’re dressed, you have a bag, some water and you have your phone, the bare essentials. What else do you need? Maybe a few things to consider:

Food – to save you having to pay for things on the road.
Battery bank – Extremely helpful with modern battery hungry phones, a must if you are relying on your phone for GPS.
Change of clothes – Again, depending on where you are travelling, visiting a city won’t require a change of clothes but a hike into the woods, a waterproof jacket and a dry pair of socks could change a miserable walk into a great one.

Ready to go? Okay, where to?

Part 2: Deciding a location

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